U.S. Roundtable on Sustainable Beef

Friona Industries is one of the founding members of the U.S. Roundtable on Sustainable Beef (USRSB), which is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability of the U.S. beef value chain.

Our representative to the group is Blaine Rotramel, our commodity procurement manager at Friona Industries. “We’re here to feed the world,” Rotramel says. “We’re using our knowledge to look at better ways to do things in our business.”

USRSB focuses on four areas: Social (employees involved in the community), Economic (community impact), Environmental and Animal Health & Welfare.

Friona Industries is an active supporter in each of those areas. For example, Animal Health & Welfare are addressed through many of the BQA activities at each of the feedyards; and a recent economic impact study showed the Randall County Feedyard provided $7 million in business activity within a 100-mile radius of the location.

The USRSB is working in collaboration with the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and other sustainability initiatives whose aims are consistent with its mission and vision.