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Take your career to the next level

Offering a variety of exciting career opportunities, we have specialized programs ranging from TN VISAS, to manager-in-training programs, to internships.

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TN VISA program

We are proud to offer career opportunities to USMCA professionals from Mexico and Canada under our TN VISA program. We’re always seeking TN VISA candidates with degrees in animal science, agronomy, agricultural engineering, veterinary medicine or related fields to work in our cattle department or mill/feed departments. 

Visa sponsorships

As part of our commitment to supporting our TN VISA employees, we will sponsor their visas to work for us for up to 4 years. Our sponsorship offers competitive benefits, which can include insurance and vacation packages, coverage of relocation and attorney fees, and more.

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Manager-in-Training program

A unique opportunity for current Friona Industries employees is our Manager-in-Training program. This specialized program is offered to those who show potential to achieve a supervisor, assistant manager or managerial role. It’s a tailored program based on the individual’s unique skill sets and needs, rather than following a set pattern.


Through this program, employees gain valuable experience in different aspects of the business, receive mentorship and guidance from experienced leaders, and have the opportunity to work on special projects and initiatives.

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Portrait of Friona's 2023 interns
Our 2023 interns


For those looking to break into the beef industry, our 9-week paid internship program offers cutting-edge, real-world work experience. 

Gain experience

Within this program, interns spend time working in each of the departments at one of our state-of-the-art feedyards. The departments include: Cattle, Yard, Mill, Feed Delivery and Office Support.

Manage projects

Each of our interns are also responsible for managing a special project where they generate applicable and relevant solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the feedyard. 

Topics are chosen according to company needs and learning applications for each candidate. Interns are asked to present their learning experiences to a team of Friona Industries executives and managers at the conclusion of the internship.

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