Cattle in feedyard with feed truck driving along fence

Animal Health

We are caretakers for more than 1 million head of cattle per year.

Passion for cattle care

At our core, we are animal caretakers. We raise cattle because we love cattle. Our passion shows in the health, well-being and happiness of each Friona Industries animal.

Friona Iron Circle

Teaming up with the best

Our partner veterinarians, nutritionists and auditors ensure our animals receive the best possible health, safety and care. Consistent processes, protocols and rations are the baseline, but our team’s care is the true secret.

Male Friona employee preparing a syringe of cattle medication

Responsible antibiotic use

Antibiotic stewardship is reinforced by our team of consulting veterinarians who advise and monitor us on the proper use of antibiotics. We work with our veterinarians daily in animal care and health decision-making.

Verified animal care

The well-being of our animals is regularly monitored by 2nd- and 3rd-party audits to verify all of our processes and our commitment to animal care.

Male Friona employee brushing a horse

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