Overhead view of cattle feeding in two enclosures separated by a dirt path


Boldly doing what’s right for people, beef and the greater good.

We believe the betterment of our employees, communities, animals and environment is the key to driving the future of the beef industry.

Male Friona employees standing in a group outside

Our team

People are the heart and soul of our company. And we’re committed to helping each of our team members grow, succeed and reach their goals. Our success is mutual.

Community impact

We’re all about supporting our local communities across Texas and Kansas. Our contributions are realized through our involvement in a number of charitable and community service initiatives.

Male Friona employee barbecuing
Cattle in feedyard standing at watering basin

Animal care and quality

We work with industry leading consultants to ensure the best possible animal care, nutrition and ration quality. Our goal is for each animal to reach their full potential.

Environmental stewardship

We’re committed to implementing innovative, sustainable practices into our beef production processes. It should be no question that environmental stewardship is always top of mind at Friona Industries.

A pond with cattle and feedyard buildings in the background
Yellow Iron Circle Patten

Our History

The world has changed a lot since our founding in 1962. And so have we. We’ve grown from one feedyard to eight. We’ve survived through tough times. We’ve adapted to new policies and implemented new leadership. But even through all of our changes, we’ve continued to build on the foundation of where it all started: Friona, Texas.

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