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Sustainability, community engagement and fighting hunger are at the heart of everything we do.

Local first

We’re dedicated to buying, selling, investing, and sourcing locally, whenever possible. We know that supporting our neighbors is the key to building strong, resilient communities.

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Sustainable communities

Our feedyards aren’t just a source of rural jobs and economic impact — they’re also a vital part of the local ecosystem. The compost from our feedyards and the grain from Hereford Ethanol Partners make up 30% of our feed rations, helping ensure that our communities remain vibrant and sustainable.

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Quality partnerships

We partner with industry leaders. From cattle and feed sourcing to packers and distributors, we work with partners who share our commitment to quality and integrity.

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Improvement through collaboration

Above all, we believe in the power of a handshake. We know that conversations and collaboration are essential to success, and we’re always looking for new ways to work together and raise the bar for the beef industry.

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something bigger

Our core causes shape our community-focused efforts. And our mission of producing beef responsibly shapes our core causes. To learn more about what we’re all about, check out our mission, purpose and values.

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