Friona Industries, L. P. began as single small cattle feedyard in Amarillo, TX, in 1962 as the beef industry began to recognize the resources that existed in the Texas panhandle. Founding partners, like A.L. Black, were a group of cattle feeders who could see beyond the cattle to all the other businesses that cattle feeding supported: meat processing, feed manufacturing, and trucking, to name just a few.

We have progressed to become one of the leading cattle feeding businesses in the world, led by visionaries such as Mr. Black and James Herring, both winners of the National Golden Spur Award, which honors outstanding achievement in ranching and livestock businesses. James Herring especially bolstered our business, and his work at Friona Industries led to two Harvard School of Business Case Studies on management and marketing.

Most recently, Mr. Herring was honored with the Feeding Quality Forum’s 2015 Industry Achievement Award.

Today, privately held Friona Industries has eight state-of-the-art feedyards in north Texas and southwest Kansas, with a feeding capacity that ranks us as the second largest cattle feeder in the United States. We continue to focus on a vertically aligned production system that creates a consistent, safe, tender and flavorful beef for branded product lines marketed in 2,300 retails stores in the U.S.

As our leaders at Friona Industries look forward, we recognize the challenges that face us as we address our stewardship responsibilities of both livestock and the land, while delivering high quality beef to our customers.

Our mission statement communicates our belief that our customers seek quality beef products produced with the highest standards of stewardship. We continue our legacy of answering that expectation through innovative, sustainable beef production and a reputation for exceeding customer expectations